Use multiple authetication/SSO providers at the same time


we are interested to configure multiple SSO authentication providers for our VPN users.
Like for some users/organizations to use Azure for example and others to use AD(radius) + DUO
Is it possible to have them configured at the same time?
Global configuration require change of the “Single sign-on” selection and I’m not sure if once selection is changed the old settings will still remain active.
Unfortunately have no testing environment and I would not mess with production servers.
Related to above, is it possible to have a testing/developer license beside the production one?

Only one single sign-on provider can be configured. The same license key can be used on multiple installations.

@zach okay, but if we go from the other side. Is it possible to add server (not only org) field to the SAML scheme? This will make it possible to immediately distribute users on the server depending on the value of the field that will come from the idp.

The servers a user has access to are determined by what organizations are attached to each server. The groups attribute can also be included to specify user groups which than need to match a group in the server settings. If the server has groups configured it will require all users to have a matching group and attached organization.