User Inactivity Timeout Feature Removed

Between Nov 17 2023 and Nov 23 2023 the following commits removed access to the User Inactivity Timeout:

There is no explanation provided in the change log or any reference to it here on the forum. Why was this feature removed? Is there a plan to replace this functionality?

The feature wasn’t reliable and caused a lot of confusion. The session timeout which sets a maximum duration for the session should be used instead.


An explanation of this in the changelog or an update to is needed. The setting of this feature is used as evidence of meeting some compliance requirements we have. Now that it is no longer available our auditor is asking for details on its removal.

It shouldn’t have been used for security compliance because it isn’t reliable. The feature was removed because it wasn’t reliable. If you have compliance requirements follow the recommendations in the high security environment documentation.

Please document feature removals in the future. Either in the changelog or somewhere else.