Users disconnecting

We have the Pritunl Enterprise subscription.

We are seeing an issue where:

  1. Users are connected successfully to the VPN and are able to connect to sites/services that require it.
  2. After a short period of time (once/twice every half hour, very sporadically) will try to access the sites/service and not be able to connect.
  3. Check the client to see if they are connected and the client suggests they are still successfully connected. When checked against the pritunl server logs, we can see they have disconnected with no specific error message. Just a "user disconnected message.
  4. Users need to actively disconnect the client, then reconnect the client to resolve.

Users are running the most up to date client version at the time (v1.3.3373.6).

Is there a way to enable more detailed logging to see why users were disconnected in this manner?

Is there anymore information I can provide to troubleshoot the issue?

Check all the logs on the client for error messages these are listed in the debugging client documentation.

If a RHEL based distribution is used install pritunl-openvpn as show in the documentation.