VPN Connection Configuration

Hi There,

We have set up a pritunl with enabled IPV6.

When we are connecting a VPN with pritunl Client, It assigns IPV6 or IPV4 as a server address.

So the problem here is that When the Client is assigned IPV4, the VPN, and network go down, But the same configuration works when the client is assigned IPV6.

Requesting for the support.

The accept IPv6 connections option can be disabled in the top right settings. This will only allow clients to connect to the server with IPv4. The server can still use IPv6.

Hi @zach

Thank you for the prompt response.

I did the same change in Pritunl, But it didn’t work.
PFB screenshot.

What we are facing.

  • When Pritunl Client assigns IPV6 → Internet works without an issue.
  • When Pritunl Client assigns IPV4 → Internet stuck and unable to open any web page.

It’s most likely an issue with the clients IPv4 connection. If the client has IPv6 it may be using a carrier-grade NAT or some encapsulation for the IPv4 connection. This would typically only be done outside the US or on cellular connections due to IPv4 address exhaustion. You could test lowering the connection MTU in the server settings to 1300 to verify if it is an MTU issue. There’s no option to disable IPv4 connections but this could be done with the servers firewall settings.