Web UI not accessible due SSL issue

Hi Pritunl Team,

We had installed pritunl in an virtual machine (Ubuntu 20.04) around 6 months back.
But now when we try to access the webui we are getting an expiry error in logs. We are also not able to access web UI using the server IP. Kindl;y help us out in sorting this issue

LetsEncrypt needs access to the Pritunl web server on port 80 for the certificate to renew. Once corrected the command sudo pritunl renew-ssl-cert can be run to renew the certificate.

Hi Zach,

Thank you replying. I have done the renewal for the ssl certificate using above command pritunl renew-ssl-cert, but still the web UI is not connecting.

You will need to run sudo pritunl reset-ssl-cert and then access the web console with the IP address of the server. Chrome will not allow bypassing certificate errors with domain names. Then once in the web console configure a working certificate in the top right settings.