Weird issue with my VPN

Hey there pritunl community! :slight_smile:

I am experiencing a rather weird issue currently.

We are running a Pritunl VPN Server on a cloud machine which works wonderful!

Connection can be established with all devices, but only over WI-FI

Our home setup is as follows, we have a fritzbox downstairs, and a cable which runs up to our rooms, and there we have another fritzbox which our desktop-computers are connected to

When we connect to our VPN over LAN everything seems to work other than a certain website thats locked to only be accessed by the IP that the VPN server has.

As soon as we use Wi-Fi the site is accessible, but on LAN it errors out as HTTP Error 403.

Before we switched to Pritunl we used OpenVPN and openvpn-as which there LAN worked just fine, so this is a really confusing issue for me as i cant think of any reasons as to why this behavior happens.

Any ideas?

Please let me know if you’d need any types of logs.

We tested it with multiple Computers connected to LAN, they all have the same behavior.

If the web application returning the 403 error is doing filtering based on the source IP address you will need to add to the Pritunl server routes to route all internet traffic. If the web application is on a local network the local subnet will also need to be added to the Pritunl server routes.

Some VPN clients will override the default gateway routing even if is included. This option is labeled Disable Default Gateway in the Pritunl Client profile settings. These options will need to be configured correctly to route internet traffic over the VPN.