Windows 7 - nssm.exe Missing. Reinstall doesn't help

I’m trying to install and run PriTunl to connect to my work network. I am normally a M-F work in the office person, but with all the ice on the roads here in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area, boss said everyone is WFH until the roads are safe to drive on. My personal laptop is dual-booting Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and Fedora LINUX 34. Every time I install PriTunl in Windows, the nssm.exe file does not appear in the appropriate folder and the Services dialog reports it can’t start the service because the file is missing. I’ve tried several versions from 1.2 to current 1.3.33xx and none work.

Here, in Texas, lots of people don’t know how to drive yet they’re on the roads daily. When there’s ice on the roads, most schools and offices shut down. But that’s a soapbox for another day.

The nssm.exe service manager was removed because it triggered false positives from anti-virus software. The service now directly runs from the pritunl-service.exe application. Try uninstalling the client and verify the Pritunl service is no longer shown in the services manager. If it is open a command prompt as administrator and run sc.exe delete pritunl.

Windows 7 is likely no longer supported by the current client.

I’ve disabled my antivirus software and reinstalled the months-old version. nssm.exe still missing. I then uninstalled PriTunl, downloaded the current version, and installed it. Installation says it was successful. Still no joy.

This is unrelated to nssm.exe, the client no longer supports Windows 7.