Pritunl server not accessible through VPN with more than 1 connection

Hi, first of all many thanks to your great programs.

We have been running a single pritunl server (now v1.30.3116.68) on ubuntu 20.04.3 machine, where dozens of clients can connect, with multiple device feature enabled.

The pritunl server suddenly denied all multiple-device connection of any user, including newly-created one, making an error "unable to assign ip address, pool full". When there is no connection from a user (so the web UI says offline) it accepted one connection but not more.

This is the snippet of the log, which denies the second connection of a user:

[winter-thunder-9503][2022-04-20 14:23:27,699][ERROR] Unable to assign ip address, pool full
  server_id     = "6225cbdbbfbdafd4c3915****"
  instance_id   = "6231a364b965eac1ab09****"
  user_id       = "62341bf5b965eac1ab0a***"
  multi_device  = true
  replica_count = 1
  network       = ""
  user_count    = 22

There seems to be no mongodb issue (from the mongod.service and mongodb log I can tell).

After I re-started the pritunl server via web UI, the symptom was gone and started to work well.
What can be the source of the problem and how should I avoid this?

This issue should be fixed in a recent v1.30 update. If you had a previous version when the issue occurred it should be fixed after restarting the server. Updating the package requires running sudo systemctl restart pritunl to load the latest version.

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