Server not accessable when its connect to pritunl VPN

Hello i have 2 Server/Clients

First Server is the VPN Server
Real Remote IP:
VPN Range:
Domain: binded on

Second Server is an OnlyOffice Server
Real Remote IP:
VPN Client IP:
Domain: binded on

My Pc connected via printunl to the vpn Server
Real remote Ip: dynamic
VPN Client IP:

My Iphone isnt connected to the vpn server
Real Remote ip: dynamic celluar

My Pc → connected to → works fine
IPhone → connected to → failed, timeout

How i can fix that the onlyoffice Server is reachable inside the vpn and over the real remote ip without the VPN Tunnel?

Hi, which client are you using with your Iphone?
I had similar problems with an android phone because of the client. Pritunl works fine but other clients don’t, except if you activate Legacy AES-CBC cipher in the client options (for openvpn connect at least).