Wireguard profile: Failed to sync config

I setup up Pritunl and wireguard on an Ubuntu Server. I installed wireguard on the ubuntu server as well as dkms. I have a router and port forwarded the wireguard port as well as ports 80 and 443 to my pritunl server. When I try to connect to the server from a Windows 10 Pritunl app with the wireguard option, I get an error profile: Failed to sync config and no other information is provided.

Any help or ideas would be appreciated.
Thank you in advance.

Check the log file /var/log/pritunl-client.log and run sudo wg to confirm the command works.

I ran sudo wg and got:

interface: wgh0

interface: wg0
public key: I removed for privacy
private key: (hidden)
listening port: The port was correct

As for the log file - the client is in windows 10 and there is not one on the pritunl ubuntu server. The windows client shows:
[2022-4-12 15:56:24][WARN] profile: Failed to sync config

The log message profile: Failed to sync config is not an error. Configuration sync allows the server to send updated configuration options such as port or protocol changes to the client. If the server does not have a subscription or the web server is not accessible to the client the feature will be unavailable.

Check the log file C:\ProgramData\Pritunl\pritunl-client.log. If the connection works for about 10 seconds then disconnects it is likely an MTU issue which will prevent the TCP keepalive request from reaching the Pritunl server and the connection will be dropped. This requires updating to the latest Pritunl server that has support for adjusting WireGuard MTU and lowering the MSS Fix value in the server settings.